Chubby will help you make your event one to remember!

With over 300 shows last year, Chubby has pick up a few tips.

The Show
The content of the show and the way it is presented will be targeted towards the birthday child's age as it is their special day.
Please bear that in mind when inviting children, its too easy to invite as many as you can, But this will leave some of the children not fully enjoying the event. Try to keep the age group within a few years of the Birthday Child.

A mix of age ranges may lead to unnecessary disruption.
Stick to the birthday child's friends, make the older child special by giving him/her jobs to do, as for younger children have someone watch the show with them and all will be fine.

Parents & Adults
Most parents will leave their children at the party. For those that stay they are welcome to sit with the children and join in along with the show (most do).

On occasions, adults will want to stay for a coffee and a chat. This can be incredibly distracting for the children and the entertainer. For this reason it is a great idea to arrange some chairs at the back of the venue for these adults to sit. Rest assured if they get out of the control a bit of adult audience participation always does the trick!